Mrs. Black’s BridesMaids & Gift Boxes


How can you not fall in love with this wedding party. The


If you’ve been watching my stories you’ve seen me crafting and helping with a few projects on this wedding. One project was the bridesmaids gift boxes.

Although, one of these boxes would be mine. I had no idea what would be inside of them.


So, once we opened them in our matching pajamas and slippers, it was the cutest thing ever.


I created the inside letter for the box and the name tags.


Inside the box were our jewelry for the wedding, body scrub, facial masks, and eye masks.

They were super adorable, and I guarantee you the masks will be used this week. I loved the robes and slippers because we can always use them, which is why the bride chose them over the ones that say brides squad or team bride.

I’ve added all links below to shop this post.

Boxes, ribbon, and gems: Michaels

Pink Slippers: Amazon

Kimono Satin Robes: Amazon

Face & Eye Masks: FiveBelow

Note to the Bridesmaid: Download Here


Love, TL Hayden