Web Design


currently updating & catching up, BOOKING NEW CLIENTS OCTOBER 2019.

How it works:  We give struggling entrepreneurs the major push they need to get their online presence on track.

Dream Clients: Our websites are created for those who need a website up quick, not exactly sure of what they like or how to start, are a little tech savvy, and in need of a website that fits their brand.  Clients must be willing to do the work needed of them, in a timely manner, learn the website platform, and not be afraid of managing the website on their own once the creative aspect is complete. All communication is done through email and a few quick phone chats. We will discuss color, style, options, and more to figure out if we’d make a great fit for your needs.

  • SQUARESPACE FULL WEBSITE: (UP TO 4 PAGES) $800 | $150 per additional page

  • sHoP add-on: Includes 10 pRoducts $100 (we will go over how You can add more on your own)

  • BLOG ADD ON (included for new sites)

  • Website Revamp (on squarespace) :$300 + an additional $25 per page


  • SQuarespace COVER/COMING SOON PAGE : $65

made for our clients