About Us


Not only do we offer graphic design and creative assistance, Creative Design Spot is a helpful creative resource hub for all. We’ve compiled a directory and archive of designers, crafters, artist, entrepreneurs, vendors as well as graphics, tips and inspiration. Have a look around maybe you’ll find something or someone that can help you in a major way.

the founder


TAMIKA HAYDEN, Creative Consultant/Lead Graphic Designer

Tamika, started taking her freelance design work seriously after having her daughter in 2011. Since then, she has designed for start ups, non profits and more. Tamika, created Creative Design Spot to help entrepreneurs and creatives with their business, especially work from home moms and entrepreneurs of color. She noticed there was a void in two things. There aren’t a lot of showcasing and marketing of fresh new start up brands and businesses AND new entrepreneurs need access to graphics and assistance without breaking their bank.

“I realized that society is changing and people are choosing and finding ways to make a living by unconventional methods and working for themselves full-time & part-time. You don’t have to be doctor, lawyer or have a “real job”. It’s okay to be an artist, creative, blogger, and entrepreneur and flourish while doing it.”

her team of peeps


BIBIANA OBAHOR, Graphic Design Assistant

Bibiana is a creative who provides services in all things graphics, including branding and web design. She loves making brands pretty and often helps us turn your ideas into a reality. She is also the CEO of El pasión , a beauty and cosmetics company.


AR'SHEILL MONSANTO, Creative Life Coach

Ar’sheill helps women set and accomplish goals. She helps our fempreneurs learn how to juggle work life, side hustle, home, and all? She assists them with gaining their confidence, turn your great ideas into a business, and more. She is also the founder of the blog ArYouSerious


SIMONA JAE, Mompreneur Marketing Assistant

Simona Jae helps moms start their own business and get it up and running online. She’s an expert at helping our mamas get over their fear of putting themselves out there especially when they have no idea where to start. Simona is also the founder of The Mommy Village.


FLORENCE E. HARDY, Creative Law Consultant

Florence provides legal services to solopreneurs, independent contractors, gig workers, freelancers, and artist. She helps our clients with trademarking or Incorporating their business? Get to know her! You can find answers to common questions on her site Small Biz Flo